Amy Elizabeth Moore

Amy Elizabeth Moore

Amy Moore is a mom, a podcaster, a sister, a business owner, a daughter, a teacher, a friend and an organizer. Amy is determined to provide and live a life of honesty, wellness, connection and courage. These values guide Amy in her personal and professional life. The services Amy offers allow people to identify their own values and live their life accordingly. Amy went through it (and continues to go through it) herself; she wants to share her version of the process with those interested.

Amy stands by the products she sells. She has 3 air purifiers working 24/7 in her home and Kangen Water flowing from her kitchen faucet. Amy attributes both to keeping her and her kids healthy in general and, especially, during the pandemic and with direct exposure to COVID-19.

With the global pandemic, forest fires in the Western states and Denver Water’s Lead Reduction Program, the need for clean air and healthy water in our homes is more important than ever. The products Amy sells are the highest quality and there are ways to make the pricepoint attainable to all.

When Amy is not working with clients, you can find her hanging out with her kids, hanging out with friends, podcasting or distributing Iceland’s Teko Tea. Amy applies her skills from past experiences in education, sales and marketing to product distribution, workshop facilitation and organization.

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